Questions To Consider When Purchasing A Monument

Watkins Monument has been designing and manufacturing high quality memorials at unbeatable prices to families in Arkansas, Oklahoma.

Do I plan to be buried above ground, below ground or cremated?

If you are planning on above ground burial it is best to have your mausoleum in place before the need arises, as this will eliminate the need to hold the body until the mausoleum is in place.

The use of a mausoleum eliminates the cost of vaults, opening and closing of graves and the purchase of a separate monument. These costs are required when choosing in ground burial and should be considered when determining the best value for your family.

Cremation has become more popular in the last few years. What do I want done with my ashes? What are the legal restrictions on the spreading of ashes? Do I want to provide a cemetery memorial, columbarium, bench or marker where my ashes can rest with other loved ones? Even though I have chosen cremation, would the cemetery be the best place for future generations to look when tracing my life and their genealogy?

When choosing traditional in ground burial many cemeteries require a memorial be placed to mark your grave. Some cemeteries in our area restrict your choices. However, the vast majority in our area allow you a wide range of choices in size, color, finish, shape, etc. We have a large selection and variety for you to choose from. We are also able to custom design a memorial for you or your loved one as well as produce any monument you may find in books, on the internet or have envisioned in your head.

The cost of your monument is determined by the materials used (granite, marble, bronze etc.) and the color, size, finish and shape you choose. Do not be embarrassed to ask us questions such as "why is this monument more expensive than one that looks just like it?" Often the cost difference may be found in small changes that come unnoticed.

We want you to have the most beautiful and memorable memorial you can have within your price range. By communicating, we can help you find the memorial which best commemorates your loved ones' life and your family's interest and taste.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at (479) 474-8359 or at

Monument Types
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Bronze Options

watkins monuments watkins monuments watkins monuments    
Emblems Personalization Bronze    
Monument Styles    
watkins monuments watkins monuments watkins monuments watkins monuments  
Slant Custom Shape Double Traditional Single Upright  
watkins monuments watkins monuments watkins monuments watkins monuments  
Beveled Marker Flat Marker Wing Styles or Cutouts Bench  
Non Traditional Burial Options      
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Cremation Styles Mausoleums      

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