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watkins monumentsA family owned and operated business, Watkins Monuments, Inc. was established in 1981 by Pete and Margarett Watkins.

Our goal is to provide a full service, on premises, Monument company that takes the time to help each individual family create the most beautiful and appropriate memorial for their loved one and to do this at a reasonable cost.

arkansas gravestonesWe purchase granite and marble cut to size and finish from around the world, then we do all engraving and sandblast work in our production plant here in Van Buren, AR. We provide laser etching, hand etching and photographic imaging process from the best artist throughout the world. We believe in custom memorialization for each person no matter their social or financial status. We believe in choice, that's why we have invested considerable time, effort and finances in order to provide our families with one of the largest displays available in Arkansas, to view and from which to choose. Our production plant is located at 5505 Alma Highway, Van Buren, AR. We also provide a full custom design service at this location (available at the time of purchase), thus your family can sit with our in house artist and see your ideas come alive on the size and shape stone you are purchasing, through computer generated layouts, available to take with you to show to other family members and friends. This allows your family to individualize any size or shape memorial to meet your individual taste. All this is provided at no additional cost.

Whether you desire something simple or complex we wanted it to be available at Watkins Monuments, Inc. We also desired to fully support our families when death occurred, thus we developed an in cemetery lettering service which provides extension services (final dates) at the time of death for a reasonable fee. This allows for exact duplication of lettering font and size for the remaining spouse at the time of their death.

We provide monuments, markers, bronze, statuary, cemetery saddles, porcelain photos, vases memorial boxes, mausoleums (for above ground burial), columbarium (multi cremation or single cremation spaces above ground) as well as traditional memorials of all kinds. Pets are sometimes as close as family and we provide a full service animal memorialization service.

"It is our belief, that we are all created by God and share life through Him. Thus, each life is special and worthy of remembrance."

We guarantee all lettering and design work to be as contracted, we stand behind our foundations. This means if your stone becomes unleveled for any reason except vandalism we will fix it at no additional cost. When we quote you a price on a monument or maker it includes any lettering and V-cut or skinned design work on one face side of the monument. (Unless noted at time of quote, wording on the back of the monument, vases, statuary, porcelain photos, hand etching, or photographic engraving, etc. are additional.) We also provide lettering on native rocks, House numbers and mailbox numbers on granite, and bronze, wood or native stone.

We Care about your Privacy.


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